Missing my curls right now! Also fun fact: the tattoo on my arm is by Adrienne Rich

Etched in Awe is run by me, Haley! I’m a twenty-three year old B.F.A. graduate from Emerson College. I just moved back to Boston and set up home downtown. I have two plant babies who am carrying dearly for and looove to thrift whenever I can. I’m currently looking for work, but in the meantime keeping myself busy by living a sober life, embracing meditation, and reading lots of memoir. Etched in Awe┬áis a space I created to embrace the messy beautiful life I’m living. I’m hoping it’ll be a good space to come to to write, to say the true shit out loud that I sometimes forget needs to be expelled. It’s a good reminder to look at life as a beautiful gift and less like something owed to you. Here is a list of some of things keeping me smiling today:

  • My apartment’s afternoon light
  • Sweet FaceTime dates with internet friends
  • Slowly reading a delicious book
  • A burning candle
  • Cozy blankets
  • Tiny, beautiful things